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The Project

«Female entrepreneurship Support Network – FEM.EN.S.» Project is supported by the European Commission – DG Enterprise and Industry within the scope of Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme 2007-2013. Its main target is the creation of a European network of female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors.

The project is being implemented by the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Association of Greek Women Entrepreneurs (SEGE).

It started in November 2010 and concluded in November 2012.

The project’s objectives are the following:

- promotion of female entrepreneurship in general .

- promotion of female innovative entrepreneurship in male dominated and sectors of economy. The project partners shall give great emphasis on the combating of stereotypes that inhibit women from participated in specific entrepreneurial ventures that are considered to be male.   

- awareness raising among the Greek chamber system regarding the benefits of female entrepreneurship and the importance of undertaking activities within this scope.

- the promotion of supportive measures addressed to women - would be entrepreneurs - undertaken by experienced entrepreneurs on a voluntary basis.  

- the active participation of organizations (NGOs, associations, networks, public administrations, media, Regional and Sector Programs Managing Authorities, etc.) in Greece in business support measures for women would be entrepreneurs.  

- the development of a national network and its expansion at a European level with the participation of competent bodies in the field for the exchange of know-how and experience. 


The long-term objectives of the project are:

- To increase the number of women participating in the economy and in the relevant male dominated professions/sectors.

- To create a positive environment for women by bringing out and supporting new gender roles for them.

- To change behaviour, attitudes, norms and values which define and influence gender roles in society and affect women’s equal integration in the economic environment.

-  To actively operate and expand on a continuous basis the Network long after the project conclusion.

The project’s activities include:

- Identification of Greek economy’s male dominated sectors, analysis of the needs and the obstacles that women face during their business ventures and detailed definition of the target groups and the areas of intervention.

- Selection and preparation of female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, who will undertake the motivation of the target groups towards the undertaking of business activities


- Operation of the national network for the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship, design and implementation of related activities (i.e. implementation of kick off events and final conference, presentations to the target groups for the promotion of female entrepreneurship in male dominated sectors, dissemination activities in print and digital means, website and e-forum development, etc.).

- Operation of the Network at a European level via its participation in related events and meetings for the exchange of experiences and know-how with other European networks.   


Any interested (male or female) entrepreneur who wish to share his/her experiences regarding the overcoming of obstacles and the activities that contributed to the creation of his / her successful enterprise can apply for participation in the Network.

In addition, any interested (male or female) who wish to receive information concerning the project activities and related support can contact the project partners.

Please contact with:


Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Loudovikou 1, Odissos Square  

18531 Piraeus

Tel.: +30 2104170529

Ms Anna Barlogianni      



Association of Greek Women Entrepreneurs

Salaminos 10

54625 Thessaloniki

Tel.: +30 2310 224440

Ms Despina Triakosari