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Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy, and those who create wealth and employment. Besides employment, entrepreneurship is an excellent opportunity for women to contribute to the economy and achieve economic autonomy (leading to a better social cohesion). Considering the high unemployment rates in certain European countries and especially Greece (26,8% in October 2012), entrepreneurship is not only an opportunity but the only alternative to economic uncertainty. The "Female Entrepreneurship Support Network – FEM.EN.S." project seeks for ways to promote female entrepreneurship in male dominated sectors of Economy.

Project’s events

The project’s final conference took place on 19/9/12 with subject “FEMALE ENTREPRENEUSRHIP SUPPORT NETWORKS, ACTIONS AND PERSPECTIVES”.
The PCCI in cooperation with the SEGE successfully organized a preparation event for the Entrepreneurship Ambassadors and the project’s kick off event with the subject “Female Employment and Entrepreneurship development” on the 19th and 20th of January 2011 respectively in the framework of FEMENS project.

The project’s delegation in Brussels

On the 8th of December 2010, ten Greek Entrepreneurship Ambassadors participated in the induction event that took place in Brussels. The Greek delegation made positive impression with their training, communication skill, well documented and comprehensive proposals that were presented during the workshop.